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Parsons Office Systems Inc. started from humble beginnings selling and servicing type writers.  Over time more family joined the company to make it something spectacular.  We started helping offices scan their documents using barcodes over 20 years ago, something that even today is less understood in most offices.

Service is absolutely more important than the product.  You can purchase the best product on the market, but without a good service technician and same day service, your product could become useless in no time.

Control Print Costs

You do what you do best, and let us help you with what we do best, finding ways to reduce unnecessary printing and reducing your printing costs with implementing…

Paperless Office

You have heard for years about the idea of a paperless office, but probably have never heard of our real and applicable technology to truly achieve a more...

Why is service so important? Mission Statement

Offering a holistic approach to integrating emerging technology within your current office software and hardware infrastructure.  Making technology deliver its promised expectations for improvements, efficiency, and cost savings.

What’s new?

Parsons Office Systems Inc. Is officially the only and exclusive Xerox XDA sales and service dealer in Central Texas.  Offering a full line of machines and software solutions to meet nearly any office demands.  Thanks to our customers, Xerox is plowing new ground in Central Texas!

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Learn why POSI is still around after 70 YearsOur Values

A  lot has changed after 70-years, but the value we place on both our employees and our customers has not.  Without forgetting where we came from looking forward to where we're going, we respect the people who make us a success.  Our customers deserve our best and we are committed to excellence.


Integrity and honesty are at the forefront of all we stand for and we thank Central Texas for allowing us to prove this every day.